1 year, 6 issues. Suitable for ages +12.

The BBC Earth Magazine is a bimonthly issue under the reputable BBC Earth Channel that features a series of opinion pieces and news articles surrounding the latest developments in SCIENCE, HISTORY and NATURE. On top of educating readers who are not well-versed in these topics, it also provides critical perspectives that inspire them to think more deeply about contentious issues.

The BBC Earth Magazine is thus HIGHLY BENEFICIAL for Secondary School students, as it empowers students to produce well-analysed essays and understand critical ideas conveyed in comprehension passages.


  • Snapshots - Features three stunning images from each of the three main topics: SCIENCE, NATURE and HISTORY.
  • Updates: The Latest Intelligence - Shares and highlights new and exciting forms of technology and innovations.
  • World News - Gives readers information on current affairs. Will be split into REVIEW, COMMENT and ANALYSIS. This section is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for students as it provides the necessary content that they can use in their essay writing.
  • Discoveries - Updates on the latest scientific discoveries.
  • Features - Main articles that focus on the topics of SCIENCE, NATURE and HISTORY. Selected articles also come with an audio reader, which allows readers to listen to the article as they read.
  • Do You Know - Burning questions by readers are answered by experts in the field. Useful for those who have not yet cultivated a good reading habit as the segment is able to create curiosity in readers.
  • Brain Test- Includes crossword puzzles.
  • A Scientist's Guide to Life - Scientists provide readers advice on various topics (e.g. on health, fitness, lifestyle) to improve daily habits and overall quality of life
  • Comment - Features more argumentative or opinion-based articles, which help to teach students how to structure their own argumentative essays.


  • Enrich learning experience.
  • Strengthen students' command of the English language and their reading and writing skills
  • Comprises of different comprehension questions (e.g. inference, vocabulary, etc.) based on selected articles from the magazine
  • Essay questions provided
  • Can be easily integrated into classroom activities as they come with helpful exam tips and suggested answers





1 year, 12 issues. Suitable for ages +10.

A family interest magazine that is easy to read that features health, books, humor, food, ‘All in a Day's Work’ and ‘Humour in Uniform’ are great fun and full of jokes and anecdotes you'll share with your friends, while Test Your Brainpower sharpens the wit and That's Outrageous can keep you up to speed on some of the most important problems we all face in society.





1 year, 12 issues. Suitable for ages +12.

A National Geographic magazine subscription delivers adventure; a truly breath-taking glimpse into the wild and wonderful nature of the world around us. From the idiosyncrasies of far-flung countries and cultures to astonishing discoveries under the microscope, National Geographic harnesses powerful, award-winning photography with captivating features for the aspiring adventurer in us all.





1 year, 10 issues. Suitable for ages 6-8.

By building on National Geographic's reputation for breath-taking photography and in-depth reportage about the world's cultures and exotic wildlife, National Geographic Kids provides an overwhelming number of high-quality visual learning tools.





1 year, 6 issues. Suitable for ages 3-6.

National Geographic Little Kids was designed with your toddler in mind. It allows for reading at a comfortable pace and will capture your child's attention with adorable pictures. "Wild Cards" are included as well, which complement the fun facts about animals and plants. That's not all, the magazine also comes with fun activities and quizzes that will keep your child entertained for hours at a time. Perfect for children age 3 - 6 years old.





1 year, 30 issues. Suitable for ages 14+

Get the inside scoop on the news affecting the nation and the world with TIME magazine. The magazine keeps you up-to-date, concise explanations on the political, social, and cultural happenings so that you'll have the knowledge you need. The magazine uses graphics to simplify the current issues and to show you the key political players' positions. Backed by extensive research, TIME magazine's interviews also provide first-hand information that gives you background on the issues at hand. In addition to news, it provides entertainment news featuring Music, movies, books, or travel. Get hold of the renowned publication now!





1 year, 10 issues. Suitable for ages 9-12.

DiscoveryBox helps children to grow, develops critical thinking and nurtures discussion with peers and parents.  It is a journey through the HISTORY of the world, SCIENTIFIC discoveries, the beauty of NATURE, and the interesting DEVELOPMENTS on our planet and beyond!

48 pages filled with:

  • A different topic every month, presented through spectacular photos and informative facts.
  • Important historical events retold in a funny, lively, and engaging way.
  • Captivating articles present the great innovations and inventions, as well as, introduce other countries, cultures and lifestyles, using clear explanations and images.
  • DIYs, experiments, puzzles, and comics to keep learning fun and light-hearted!





1 year, 10 issues. Suitable for ages 6-9.

AdventureBox is the magazine that keeps kids hooked on reading.  This title was made for kids who have just begun to read independently.  The distinctive format helps kids feel grown up and that they've arrived at the next step in their reading journey.





1 year, 10 issues. Suitable for ages 9-12.

AdventureBox MAX! is the magazine that takes kids further.  This title is a leisure read to contrast rigorous academic reading and is packed with wholesome values and guiding questions about the world around them.  The distinctive format helps kids to really sense their progress and see that they've arrived at the next step in their reading journey.





1 year, 10 issues. Suitable for ages 3-6.

StoryBox is a wonderful way to introduce pre-schoolers to the love of reading. This magazine contains a beautiful book-length stories to read aloud, written and illustrated by top authors and artists from all around the world. From fairy tales to exciting adventures, here are stories that children will want to share with you over and over again.

54 pages filled with:

  • Stories rich in wholesome values that stimulate the imagination.
  • Answers to their questions with age appropriate and easy to understand explanations.
  • Comic heroes that are cheeky, endearing, and kind-hearted.
  • Animal of the month introduces children to new creatures with fun facts and pictures.
  • Games and activities stimulate children’s creativity and observation skills.