亚太图书 Asiapac Books Team

亚太图书成立于1983年, 所出版的一系列富启发性的故事书籍,都体现了人性中最美好、 最光辉的—面。 同时, 也不断地从世界文化宝库中, 汲取各种题材, 为读者提供终身受益的知识与智慧, 助他们走向成功之道。

Established in 1983, Asiapac Books is Singapore’s leading publisher of educational comic books. Readers worldwide have enjoyed the ease and pleasure of learning via light-hearted writing and fun illustrations. With titles from Asian classics to Singaporean history, our books are the perfect guide for your learning journey.

Book Depository

Book Depository (bookdepo.com) 为国际书籍零售商的领导品牌之一。 Book Depository网店提供超过2,000万种外文书。顾客选购书籍之余更可享全球免运费服务。总部于英国的Book Depository,顾客来自全球逾167个国家,以新加坡元等39种当地货币计价,至今已累积600万名会员,拥有超过45万名粉丝。

Book Depository (bookdepo.com) is a leading international book retailer with a unique offer – over 20 million books and free delivery worldwide (no minimum spend). Based in the UK, we ship to 167 countries displaying books in 39 different local currencies. We have over 6 million e-mail subscribers and 450,000+ social media followers. Book Depository’s vision is to provide “All Books Available to All” by improving selection, access to and affordability of books.

城市书房 City Book Room

城市书房,创立于 2014 年 12 月,出版以文学、历史、社会评论等著作,2016 年 6 月在桥北中心设立书店门市,销售以本地出版为主的华文、英文人文文学著作、不定期推荐台湾、香港、马来西亚的新书,以及精选马来群岛的印尼出版、移工文学和孟加拉文著作,为读者引荐多元及有质量的人文读物。此外,我们不定期在书房举办新书发布会和座谈等,推广阅读,冀望提供读者交流、激荡思考的文化空间。

City Book Room (est. 2014), a Singapore-based independent publisher cum independent bookstore that has been set up with a belief that books are important foods for the human mind. We publish good literary works such as fiction and poetry and other books on history and social critiques. The bookstore features a range of selected literary, non-fiction, politics and history of local publication in Chinese and English language since 2016. We also carefully selected books from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, as well as exclusive migrant literature, books in Indonesian Language and literature books in Bengali Language, to spread knowledge and sustain the development of our culture. We organize and co-organize various kinds of engaging book events, to promote reading.

立泰商行私人有限公司 De’ Quek Trading Pte Ltd


De’Quek Trading Pte Ltd is a premium stationery manufacturer and distributor. The company has been promoting the work of local artists and craft works. De’Quek has also been awarded the copyright of The Little Prince from France to produce related merchandise. Visit us at https://www.delightingideas.com/

艺通教育 E-COM Education International Pte Ltd

艺通控股包括知识报社、艺通数码、艺通教育等公司,致力于新加坡教育事业超过50年。知识报©、Etutor©、Success Publications© 是超过20年的知名教育品牌。主要产品包括《好朋友》《知识画报》《知识报》《新朋友》《新天地》《新列车》印刷与同步动画电子刊物;《知识网》教学平台、EtutorStar学习笔及系列有声辅导书、Etutor系列学习产品、Success系列辅导书。

E-COM group of companies include Chee Sze Poh Press, E-Com Digital, E-Com Education etc. E-COM companies have been actively involved in the Singapore educational sector for over 50 years. The Companies focus on developing and providing quality educational contents and resources (both printed and digital version), interactive online teaching and learning portal, learning aid devices as well as educational APPs. Our educational brand ZhiShiBao®, Etutor®, Success Publications® etc. have a good reputation, visibility, and influence in Singapore. Our key products include HAO PENG YOU, ZHI SHI HUA BAO, ZHI SHI BAO / NEW FRIENDS, NEW WORLD, NEW EXPRESS printed magazines and synchronized animated E-Magazines; eZhishi teaching & Learning resources and platform; EtutorStar learning pen and series of voice-enhanced audiobooks, Success Publications series English and Mathematics assessment books and Etutor Learning series APPs.

Fables Pte Ltd

Fables 私人有限公司自成立以来,就专注于儿童读物、教育玩具、教学资源和其他教育资料,并致力于为儿童和图书馆提供最高质量的服务。我们以最好的书籍与价格服务新加坡的婴儿、幼儿、学前儿童、在校儿童、年轻人、父母和教育工作者。此外,我们也以最好的价钱提供不同题材的畅销书籍,其中包括小说、非小说、漫画等。想了解更多,欢迎浏览 www.fables.com.sg 。

From its inception, in 2000, Fables has focused primarily on children’s books, educational toys, teaching resources and other educational materials as well as services of the highest quality for children and for libraries. Fables connects infants, toddlers, preschoolers, schoolchildren, young adults, parents and educators in Singapore with the best books in the world at the best prices! Fables, also, provides a wide selection of the latest bestselling adult titles including fiction and non-fiction as well as graphic novels including manga at the best prices! Please visit us online at www.fables.com.sg!

焦点出版 Focus Publishing Ltd


Focus Publishing Ltd is the contract publishing arm of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) providing publishing, translation for four languages, advertising sales, video production, digital services, including marketing consultancy. We have extensive experience in the publication of commemorative books as well as biographies and business books.

草根书室 Grassroots Book Room


Grassroots Book Room, an independent Chinese bookstore established in 1995, moved to its present location at Bukit Pasoh Road in 2014. The new store blends books, cafe and event space into one. Book launches, talks, exhibitions, children’s reading programs are regularly organised within the bookstore.

iLovereading.sg Pte Ltd

iLovereading.sg Pte Ltd是新加坡iTHINK、Inspire、i 和Story Time的教育书刊出版商。自2014年以来,我们拥有超过八万名的读者,我们将继续努力娱乐读者以及培养学生的阅读兴趣。本公司于2016年和2018年荣获SBPA新加坡图书奖的三次提名。我们的目标是培养每个孩子对阅读的热情,同时致力于寻找优质的阅读材料,为本地与国际读者提供更好的服务。我们希望孩子能够通过阅读,获取语言与词汇上的知识,并且能够在生活的不同领域中应用这些知识。

iLovereading.sg Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based education publisher for iTHINK, Inspire, i and Story Time. Since 2014, we benefited more than 80000 readers, and we continue to strive to engage, entertain and educate students a love for reading. We are nominated not once but three times the Best Educational Titles in 2016 and 2018 by SBPA, Singapore Book Award. At iLovereading.sg, we are devoted to publishing and distributing quality educational materials to an international audience, with the goal of cultivating a passion for learning in every individual. We aspire to be a leading provider of educational resources for lifelong learners, utilising the latest technological innovations in partnership with educators.

沈氏书斋 JSIM Education


JSIM Education Pte Ltd represents major international Publishers like TIME, FORTUNE, The Economist, Reader’s Digest and many more. We also provide English and Chinese reading materials and activities books. We aim to help readers to cultivate a lifetime reading habits so that we could enrich their life mind and soul. We also specialised in educational programs tailored to develop and enhance students’ skills with the activities worksheets, examples and illustrations together with teacher’s guide and answer to facilitate their learning process. Our motto: I Think I Read I Write! The objective of our programmes:: • Enhance the understanding and appreciation of fact-based articles to aid in the argumentative style of writing • Improve language proficiency by developing skills in Comprehension, Listening, Speaking and Writing • Encourage relevant thinking skills (Creative, Critical, Deductive, Inductive and Analytical thinking)

玲子传媒 Lingzi Media Pte Ltd

玲子传媒以专业出版、阅读推广与出版服务为业务主轴,自1993年起便在新加坡出版了一系列文学、非文学与教育类书籍,并协助作家与教育机构出版书籍,在新加坡出版界、文化界与教育界享有良好声誉。在出版业务之外,玲子传媒也代理海外华文书,以大量的青少年图书结合本地书出版与发行业务,在新加坡校园建立了强大的发行与直销网络。 玲子传媒也积极和新加坡政府机构、文教团体和作家配合,积极推动新加坡的阅读风气。

Lingzi Media Private Limited is a Singapore publishing company rooted in Chinese Culture and with Chinese as their main language of publishing. Established in 1996, Lingzi Media had published series of Chinese literary books, fiction, non-fiction books, young adult books as well as student reading materials in Singapore, and enjoy a fairly good reputation in Singapore Chinese books industry. Lingzi Media also provides publishing consulting services for schools and institutions, and actively collaborates with them to publish Chinese literary and artistic works of students.

联经出版事业公司 Linking Publishing

联经出版公司以各类型优质內容为出版方向,至今已累计出版六千余种图书,涵 盖范围包括人文、社会科学、中外文学、艺术、语言学习、商业趋势、生活保 健、心理励志、旅游、饮食、儿童读物等。

友谊企业有限公司 Maha Yu Yi Pte Ltd

友谊企业有限公司成立于1969年,销售的书籍涵盖小说、文学、政治时事、社会科学、养生保健及中医学、教育、语言教材等等。2008年友谊成立儿童书店“友谊故事屋”,提供适合0岁至12岁儿童故事书,是新加坡第一间华文儿童书店,也是新加坡绘本最齐全的书店。我们也供应图书给新加坡国家图书馆,幼儿园、中小学、大学等学府,也常到学校举办校园书展。除了实体书店,也可上网 www.yuyi.com.sg 选购。

Maha Yu Yi Pte Ltd was founded in 1969. Our adult’s bookstore features a wide range of Chinese books: fiction, literature, current affairs, social sciences, healthcare & TCM, teaching resources, dictionaries & languages etc. Our children’s bookstore, set up in 2008, is the first Chinese children bookstore in Singapore and has the widest collection of Chinese picture books. We supply our books to the National Library, preschools, primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions. We also organise book fairs for schools. Besides our physical bookstores, we also run an online bookstore www.yuyi.com.sg.

来买网 New Dragon (Singapore) Pte Ltd

新龙图(新加坡)由新加坡友联书局与中国安徽新华发行集团合资组建于2013年,旗下电子商务平台“来买网”(www.laimai.sg)是东南亚最大的线上华文书店。在今年的线上书展ZShop上,我们将全新推出文房四宝用具、安徽黄山竹艺文创礼品、及北京故宫博物馆文创礼品。另有《读库》系列人文文学、书画艺术、儿童读物等为您精心挑选的优质书籍参展,欢迎选购。如果需要了解更多华文图书,欢迎浏览“来买网” (www.laimai.sg)。

New Dragon (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., established in 2013, is the subsidiary company of Union Book Co Pte Ltd and Anhui Xinhua Distributing Holding Group. With the online bookstore “来买网 www.laimai.sg”, we are supplying readers with a variety of featured general Chinese books. At the 2020 online book fair, we will launch a new series of high-quality calligraphy and painting utensils, as well as various cultural gifts from Huangshan bamboo series and Beijing Imperial Palace series. There are also “Duku (Reading Library)” series for humanities, literature, children’s reading, and calligraphy/painting art which are specially selected for you. For more Chinese books, please visit “来买网 www.laimai.sg” for Details.

Nurture Craft International Pte Ltd

Nurture Craft提供世界顶级的教育材料和课程。我们与全球教育专家合作,如Arthur Costa教授和Bena Kallick博士(来自心智习惯研究所),National Centre for Teaching Thinking的Swartz教授,布莱顿·希勒博士(多元智能发展测评系统的创建者),已故的托尼·博赞教授(心智图的发明者)和Marilee Adams博士(《Teaching That Changes Lives》的作者)。我们拥有广泛的知识和全球网络,并精心策划世界级的杂志,满足所有孩子的需求。

Nurture Craft delivers world-class educational materials and courses. We work with global pedagogy experts such as Prof Arthur Costa and Dr Bena Kallick (from the Institute for the Habits of Mind), Prof Swartz from the National Centre for Teaching Thinking, Dr Branton Shearer (creator of the Multiple Intelligences Development Developmental Assessment Scales), late Prof Tony Buzan (inventor of Mind Maps) and Dr Marilee Adams (author of Teaching That Changes Lives). Based on our extensive knowledge and global network, these world-class magazines are carefully curated by us for your child’s enjoyment.

泛亚出版社 Pan Asia Publishing Pte Ltd

泛亚出版社成立于1984 年,主要出版中文和英汉对照儿童系列丛书。已经出版的有《欢乐童年系列》、《小乐乐丛书》、《芬芳系列》等系列丛书。泛亚出版社也编写学前幼儿教育丛书,供应幼儿园采用, 这包括《我读我学系列》、《小可爱系列》等系列。泛亚出版社也开发了电子书等科技读物,让更多读者享受阅读的乐趣。“让孩子从小爱上阅读” 是泛亚多年来出版的宗旨。

Pan Asia Publishing Pte Ltd was established in 1984 to develop and publish Chinese readers for children. With the strong philosophy of “Read Today, For a Better Tomorrow”, Pan Asia’s content is written and illustrated with a single set of aims in mind, and that is: to entertain, motivate and educate children and to instil in them a love of language and culture, respect for lifelong values and joy of reading. Over the years, its content repository has expanded to include Chinese versions, English editions as well as bilingual and multi-lingual versions.

Play N Learn

Play N Learn Pte Ltd 成立于1999年,是本地一家具有创新意义的教育产品的经销商之一,致力于提高科学,数学,幼儿技能,手工艺术的发展以及儿童逻辑思维的拓展。 我们的产品被学校和教育机构广泛采用,成为有效的教学和学习辅助工具,让孩子们在轻松娱乐的环境中学习是Play N Learn的精神。请访问 www.play-n-learn.com了解我们的产品。

Founded in 1999, Play N Learn is one of the leading Singapore publisher and distributor of a wide range of educational innovations that enhances the teaching of science, mathematics, early childhood skills, and arts and crafts, as well as the development of IQ. Our products are widely accepted in schools and educational institutions as effective teaching and learning aids. For our full range of products, please visit www.play-n-learn.com for more information.

阅读上海 Shanghai Book Traders Co., Ltd

上海外文图书有限公司(Shanghai Book Traders)是一家拥有各类出版物进口资质的国有图书进出口公司,以书报刊及电子出版物进出口、图书零售和批发、在海内外举办各类书展、代理进出口等为主要业务。公司集进出口、零售、馆配、征订、直销、批发、出版、发行、教育培训等各种不同业态为一体,以“恪守信用、顾客至上、优质服务”为经营宗旨, 以“诚信、文明、和谐、创新、务实、效率”为企业精神,为广大客户提供全方位的专业服务。

Shanghai Book Traders Co., Ltd. is a state-owned import and export company with a diverse range of businesses from import and export quality ranges of books, periodicals and electronic publication, retail and distribution, publishing, took part in local and overseas book fairs, wholesale, education and training and many more. The company’s mission is to work in trust and integrity and to provide excellent service to their customers. They are here to provide comprehensive professional services based on their core corporate values: Integrity, civility, harmony, innovation, pragmatism and productivity.

海峡时报出版社 Straits Times Press


Straits Times Press, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Singapore Press Holdings, is an award-winning publisher in the genres of non-fiction, specifically memoirs, history, politics, finance, and current affairs. We also have a delightful collection of children’s books and contemporary fiction. We want our books not just to inform and inspire but to also educate and entertain our readers.

联合线上股份有限公司 ​Udn.com Co., Ltd.


友联书局 Union Book Co. Pte Ltd


Union Book Co. PTE LTD was established in 1952. We distribute and retail a wide variety of high quality Chinese books/stationery imported from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia. Our retail bookstore is conveniently located at Bras Basah Complex in Singapore central city area. We have an extensive collection of more than 30,000 titles of books in all subject areas. We have a stationery section in our retail bookstore. Our cosy bookstore provides a quiet and comfortable environment for browsing pleasure.

ZShop 集品店