1.     Le Petit Prince Chinese Picture Book (2018)

Publisher: De’Quek Trading Pte Ltd


There exists a Little Prince in everyone – an opportunity for our imagination and fantasies to take flight. Through this edition of Le Petit Prince, we aim to allow elementary level students to experience the beauty of this classic. While retaining the usage of recommended “Best Quotes”, much thought has been put into presenting the themes of Le Petit Prince and allowing them to come alive through the pages.

Special mention has to be made regarding the illustrator – 22 year-old Aloysius Low, who is autistic. Despite being unable to entirely comprehend the entire textual content of Le Petit Prince, the team narrated the book and utilized existing images to stimulate his creativity. He has imbued his interpretations with a unique flare, re-imagining the various key icons and breathing new life into them.


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