Doll Maker and Wordsmith —— The Intriguing World of Umami Baby‘s Creator

Speaker: Janice Yong (Founder of Umami Baby)

Host: Rebecca Yong

Janice Yong is the artist behind Umami Baby dolls. The prices she commands for her one-of-a-kind Umami Baby creations proves that she is one of the best, not just in Singapore, but in the world.
Janice recently came out with a book entitled "The Lost Children of Gloam's End" under the pseudonym Clementine Darling, the name of one of her dolls. The haunting, imaginative story is inspired by a doll and her world, and people and times long past, blending together art and storytelling for an original reading experience.
Janice will be sharing with us her journey from doll artist to author, and how her dolls creation and her book have reached out to the kids in all of us.