【NLB Kids Storytime】“The One and Only Inuka”

Book: The One and Only Inuka 📖
Storyteller: Ben Kong 🙋‍♂️

There will never be another Singapore Zoo attraction as delightful or instantly lovable as Inuka, the first polar bear born in the tropics. Inuka was born in Singapore on 26 December 1990 and was a star from the first time he appeared in public as a baby bear, splashing in his pool alongside his mother Sheba. He was playful, loved to bask in the sunshine, swim in his pool and entertain himself by stacking tyres or playing with his favourite traffic cone.

Thousands of children – and adults – came to see him over the years, especially on his birthday when he tucked into his birthday cake of ice, fruits, berries, fish and cream frosting. When Inuka died on 25 April 2018, he was well into his 70s in polar bear years. In The One And Only Inuka, artist Quek Hong Shin and writer Alan John remember this very special polar bear, with love and fond memories.